List of Works

Solo Voice

Three Elizabethan Lyrics Voice and Piano
Three Songs (The Hive, On the Beach at Fontana, The Noise of Waters) Voice and Piano
Three Cabaret Songs Voice and Piano
Four Snyder Songs Voice and Piano
North Labrador Two Voices and Piano
January Voice and Piano
Waiting out the Rain Voice and Piano
Yeats Songs Voice and Piano
Ostriker Songs Voice and Piano
The Pied Piper Voice and Piano
Metallic Voice and Piano
The Owl Voice and Piano
Excerpt from“Old Heat” Voice and Piano

Piano Music

Melange Piano Solo
Solo Piano Solo
Scherzo For 2 Pianos 2 Pianos
Seven Places in America Piano Solo
The Latest Dance Craze (For Marija Ilic) Piano Solo
Three Pieces for Julia Dusman Piano Solo
Four Strong Winds Piano Solo
The Sheltering Suite Piano Solo
Rogue Taxidermy Piano Solo

Chamber Music

Music for Woodwinds Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon
Divertimento for Clarinet and Guitar Bb Clarinet and Guitar
Trio Guitar, Clarinet and Trombone
Piano Trio Violin, Cello, Piano
Suite for Eight Players Flute, Oboe, Clarinet , Bassoon Trumpet, Percussion (1 Player), Violin, Cello.
Sonata for Flute and Piano Flute and Piano
String Quartet #1 2 Violins, Viola, Cello
String Quartet #2 2 Violins, Viola, Cello
Blue Texture in a White Light Woodwind Quintet and Piano
In Memoriam, Benjamin Britten Horn and Piano
Bass (Dance Score) Violin and Piano
Portraits in Transit Brass Trio
Portraits in Transit (arr) Oboe and 2 Bassoons
Minima, Memory, Mirage Piano Trio
Sextet String quartet, clarinet, piano
The Plains Indians Brass Ensemble
Two Songs without Words Viola and Piano
Winter and After Winter Flute and Piano
Dangerous Routines Flute, Clarinet and Piano
Dangerous Routines (arr) Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello and Piano
For Piano Trio (aspen trio) Violin, Cello, Piano
Tarantella Alto Sax, Piano
Violin Concerto Violin and Piano
Waltz Soprano Sax and Piano
Polka Soprano Sax and Piano
The Long Way Home Guitar, Bass, Piano and Perc.
Silence in Spring Violin and Piano
Four Character Pieces for Violin and Piano Violin and Piano
Mutations Violin and Viola
Friction 2 Clarinets, Viola and Electric Guitar
Watching Birds 2 Oboes, 2 English Horns, 2 Bassoons
 Winter on the Lake Flute, Horn and Piano

With Electronics

Rain Upon the City Tape
Autumn Beach (Dance Score) Tape and Piano


Dances for String Orchestra String Orchestra
Poeme for Orchestra 221(Eng Horn) 2 4331 perc (2)


The Dark Fiddler (1.Treeman, 2. Requiem, 3. The Dark Fiddler) SATB and Piano
Walden Songs SATB and Piano
Songs from the British Isles SATB and Piano


The Photographer (park scene) Soprano and Piano
The Quiet American Soprano and Piano Chamber Orchestra and
12 Singers (with doublings)
The Crimson Sand 5 Singers and Piano


band / ensemble
A Perfect Day (2003) Changing Modes
Aeroplane (2005) Changing Modes
Down and Out in Shangri-la (2008) Changing Modes
Here (2010) Changing Modes
In Flight (2012) Changing Modes
The Paradox of Traveling Light (2014) Changing Modes
Goodbye Theodora (2017) Changing Modes
What September Brings (2019) Changing Modes
Wax World (2021) Changing Modes
Double Take: American Reed (2014) Double Entendre
Views from the Keyboard (2022) Elizabeth Rodgers